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Welcome to Chocolate Bar B.V– your premier destination for buying Nutella in bulk! Indulge in the creamy hazelnut goodness of everyone’s favorite chocolate spread with our convenient wholesale options.

Whether you’re stocking up your pantry, catering for a large event, or running a café or bakery, Nutella Heaven has you covered. Our bulk buy options ensure you never run out of this beloved treat, while saving you time and money.

With our commitment to quality and freshness, you can trust that every jar of Nutella you receive is packed with the same irresistible flavor and creamy texture. Plus, our competitive pricing and flexible ordering make it easy to satisfy your Nutella cravings without breaking the bank.

We have Nutella 350g, 400g, 750g, 800g, 1kg and 3kg. Explore our bulk buy options today and discover why Nutella is a staple in households and businesses around the world.”

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